Despite having the urge to wear sleeveless tops and bottoms which expose skin, people refuse to do so because of their stretch marks. People with stretch marks frequently ask how to get rid of stretch marks. Through this article, people can learn the various treatments they can apply on their stretch marks. The following will discuss useful tips and other home care treatments that have been proven to help people with the same condition.

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• Moisturizing the skin regularly triggers the body to produce the needed collagen. Because of this, stretch marks tend to fade.
• Applying butter from cacao is known to prevent and lessen stretch marks. Aside from its affordability, it is also very accessible. Numerous products actually have this as its usual component.
• Coco oil also has a healing effect. It is readily available in the market and is very affordable.
• Supplements rich in vitamin E act on stretch marks fast.
• Applying shea butter helps the skin become more elastic and slowly erases stretch marks.
• Putting olive oil on the marks improves the skin condition.
• Extracts from lime improves skin color.
• Having a balanced is also essential.
• Drinking lots of water helps skin hydration.
• Exercising improves the flow of the blood. It regulates the tone of the body and takes care of the striae.

Frankly, preventing the stretch marks is far better than having to treat the illness. By making sure that the body is always fit, unnecessary stretching of the skin is prevented. For pregnant women, preventive measures should be taken even before the striae starts to appear.

Most doctors believe that preventing stretch marks from appearing is still the best solution. By evading abrupt change in weight, most people can already find themselves in a good place. More so, for those who are pregnant or in their years of growth, early prevention is needed. It is in these stages that the body is prone to stretch marks. By constant application of creams and moisturizers, skin hydration is ensured.

By doing the tips mention above, no one should ever face the question “how to get rid of stretch marks” again.

Some other tips include the following:

Striae cream: In the market, you can find different striae creams from various brands. When you find the one that suits your skin, stick to it. One of the components your cream must have is Retin A. For pregnant women, it is best to forego this component.

Tanned body: By tanning the body, you are helping your skin cover the visible unwanted marks. Having a tan does not only look great on the body, it also slightly erases your stretch marks.

Applying gels rich in vitamin E:By applying the gel found in vitamin E supplements, you are directly treating the affected areas.

Shea butter and oils: Both products not only do well in the prevention stage, they also work wonders during the removal stage. By constantly applying these oils and creams on the affected areas, you are slowly cleaning up your skin from having the unwanted marks. If you feel like one kind of oil or cream is not working, feel free to try other kinds and stick to the one that works.

Vicks: This popular menthol ointment is popular for headaches, cold, and other ailments. However, surprisingly, it can also be a cure for stretch marks. You can apply Vicks on your stretch marks by putting some on a towel. Put the towel on the affected areas. After a few weeks, improvement on your skin will be visible.


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