Why blogging can make money in the long term?

I started this blog mostly for my personal purpose, it base upon a concept: try to add more value to the work that you do.

For example, when if you’re running for fitness(I’m not English native so sometimes it’s hard for me to express my thoughts properly), you may want to listen to music as it could be boring just by doing running along. Which means you’re adding value to the “running” as you’re doing 2 things within 1 activity.

So base upon this concept, I started to blogging about my business activities, because I already know:

  1. A lot of people make money only by blogging.
  2. I’ll be sharing something useful in this blog so that I providing some valuable content for those who doesn’t have this knowledge, later I could be have a list of subscribers, then in the future I may be able to promote some useful products to my subscribers and earn a commission. This is called affiliate marketing if you don’t already known, and by the way I started at 2009 with a program called  Affilorama , it has many free lessons for how to make money by blogging etc, you can check it out here.
  3. It’s good for my personal use to note down my progress.

So If you don’t know how to begin to start making money online, blogging should be a good choice to begin with.

To Do List

  1. plugins configuration        a. sydicated content to ping sites, bookmarking sites, etc.
    b. affiliate ad
    c. other all kinds of plugins the site need

2. keyword research for target keywords

3. content creation

4. onsite configuration

5. Hire VA for webmaster related tasks


How To Make Money Online? Let’s Do The Experiments At This Blog!

This blog is dedicated to test out all the different money making modalities.

My personal goal is to be able to profit from this blog, since I had been doing internet marketing for almost 4 years since 2009, I profited around 5000-8000k/month USD for a few months back then by doing seo only, but things changed rapidly(mostly google changed it’s algorithm) and I lost such nice income.

My intention for this blog is to show people how difficult or easy it will be to make money online nowadays.

With the above said, let’s get to the nitty gritty of making money with a wordpress blog in the upcoming posts.